Shaping the Future?

It’s imperetive that we approach design and technology in an aggressive manner, ensuring that we leave future generations in a strong position to continue our work and lead society in the correct direction, with innovative, safe and effective products and tools. If these fundamentals are not achieved then everything that we have worked for throughout our careers will hit a glass ceiling when we retire.

With that in mind, we have teamed up with the various organizations that are listed below to ensure that we — as a community of designers and engineers — are all upto speed and driving forward in one single direction.




On 31st March 2006, Northumbria University hosted
a half-day colloquium at The Sage Gateshead on issues around designing services. Podcasts and Powerpoints from many of the sessions can be downloaded below.

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    • Service Innovation through Design Thinking
      Professor Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO US 
      Inaugural Lecture as visiting professor to Northumbria University, discussing the work of IDEO internationally in creating innovation in businesses and services


    • Signposts for the Next Decade (Request by email)
      Dr. Andrea Cooper, Head of Design Knowledge, Design Council
      Design’s role in addressing global issues in the next ten years
      > Presentation slides (PDF, 1.2Mb)


    • Live|Work – Pioneering Service Design 
      Chris Downs, Partner, Live|Work
      We are what we use – not what we own


    • Objects of Service – From Subjects to Objects
      and Back Again

      Prof. Steven Kyffin, Global Head of Design Research, Philips Design
      How can design help to creatively understand people, create value across the full business development process and create poignancy to our technological trajectories 
      > Presentation synopsis 
      (Word document, 32Kb)


    • Designing Design in a Complex World 
      Dr. Bob Young, Associate Dean for Research & Consultancy,
      School of Design, Northumbria University

      The evolution of service and systems design thinking in academia 
      > Presentation slides 
      (Powerpoint, 11.8Mb)


    • Better Services Happier Customers, Oliver King
      Case Studies from the work of The Engine Group 
      > Presentation slides 
      (PDF, 1.1Mb)


    • Redesigning Public Services, Jennie Winhall
      Case Studies from the work of RED at the Design Council


  • Designers! Who Do You Think You Are?
    Kamil Michlewski

    Inside the design cultures of Ideo, Wolff Olins, Philips & Nissan 
    > Presentation slides 
    (Powerpoint, 280Kb)

How to Use the Coral Sports Betting Website

If you want to find an online bookie that you can trust, you should take a look at the Coral betting site. Some people may not realize that this online bookie actually has an extensive history in the UK. They were formerly an independent offline bookie that traced its roots back to a company that was formed in 1926. They recently merged with another betting company known as EuroBet. Since their merger, they have become a very popular and well respected gambling site. You might want to learn a little more about the services that they can offer. This can help you decide whether you would like to become a member.The primary draw to this site is the extensive amount of sports betting options that it can provide. No matter what kind of sports you like, you will be able to place bets on just about any of them. They have marquee betting rates for some events like matches within the English Premiere League. You can even place bets on a number of different horse racing matches that occur around the world. No matter when you log on to the site, there will be some kind of action going on there. This is appealing to many people who might want to gamble at odd hours or after a long day at work.

The bookmaker is currently offering a promo code that entitles you to a free £50 bet.  There are also casino and poker bonuses available for those of you who are more interested in this side of things.

Though it does not operate its own casino, the website still provides a very engaging experience for the bettor. Once you have created an account, you will be provided with access to a number of different top betting options. You won’t need to jump through any hoops to get started here. If you are new to sports betting, this may be one of the best starting sites to use. Those who are experienced bettors may want to take a look at this site and add it in to their rotation.

There are even many other types of betting that you can find through this site. You can place bets on the outcomes of many different kinds of news events. Some people even enjoy betting on whether a certain politician wins an election. This can be a very fun way to experience some local elections that may happen near you. All of these options will be available to you as soon as you log on through the site. When you become a member, you will want to just familiarize yourself with what is available through there. If you haven’t ever tried it before, you don’t want to get in over your head with the active bets that you place.

Many other bettors enjoy that the site features a very safe deposit system. You can trust that your money will be handled with care and that you can get the payouts that you deserve. The system will work very well for residents of the UK, since it tends to use Pounds Sterling as the transactional payment method. Be sure to fill up your account regularly so you can easily place bets whenever you need to. You can even get access to a bonus system if you are a resident of the UK.

Finally, you will be happy to know that you can use just about any type of payment method through this site. They will accept many major credit cards within the UK. They will also be able to process PayPal payments for international bettors. Be sure to use all of these options that are at your disposal. You can also bank on getting the best customer service when you go through this site. If you haven’t had the chance, be sure to set up a profile through this bookie site soon.

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Introduction to CFD trading

Contracts For Difference are an exciting way to get involved in the financial markets without actually purchasing any physical assets.  They are one of the more popular forms of derivatives mainly due to their ease of use and the leverage typically available and are traded across the globe.

How does a CFD work?

When you open a contract with a broker, you are agreeing to settle at a future point in time, the difference between the opening and closing prices of an underlying asset, multiplied by the number of shares in the contract.

If the price of the asset moves in your favour, the broker will pay you your gain while the opposite is true if the price moves against you.  We will use an example to explain this in more detail, shortly.

When you login to a broker’s platform, you will see that CFDs are traded in a very similar way to shares.  Prices will move in-line with the underlying share price and will be affected by fundamentals and outside economic factors.

The number of markets available through the top CFD trading platforms is truly staggering.  You will often find that all top FTSE Shares are catered for as well as US and other global stock.  Some brokers will even trade AIM shares but the spreads and fees are normally more than with the more popular stock.

Advantages of trading CFDs

When compared to traditional share dealing, there are a number of benefits of using CFDs instead.

Trade on Margin

First and foremost you are able to trade on leverage.  Leverage essentially allows you to borrow stock against the funds you have in your account.  When you open a position, you might only have to pay 10% of the value of that position.  By using leverage, you are able to benefit from far higher profits but consequently, if the market moves against you, your losses can spiral much faster too.

Go Short or Long

When investing into shares through stock brokers, you are only ever able to go ‘long’.  This means that, due to the nature of share trading, you can only benefit from prices going up.  This can be quite restrictive, especially if you are witnessing a downturn in a share price or if you expect negative news to be released that will adversely affect a share.  With CFDs, you can go short, allowing you to benefit from a drop in price – one of the main reasons people use CFDs as a means of speculation.

Choosing a CFD Broker

There are a number of things you should assess before depositing money with a CFD broker.  We will discuss each of the in turn.

Firstly, you need to check whether the broker actually offers the market/s you are interested in trading.  Not all companies offer access to AIM stocks, for example, so if you’re intending on buying contracts on more speculative plays then you should contact the broker first.  IG Markets probably o offers more market choice than any other broker on the market, along with TD Waterhouse.

Secondly, a very important question to ask is what fees the company charges.  The amount will vary, depending upon the broker’s fee structure and the markets you are trading on.  It is worth contacting a number of different companies to find out which is the cheapest, especially if you are opening high value trades or planning to trade regularly.

Another aspect to weigh up is the platform that you will be trading on.  Our advice would be to sign up for an account with a few of the most popular brokers that offer demo accounts.  Have a play around with each and go for the one that best suits your trading needs.  If you are going to be trading using technical analysis then MT4 will probably be a minimal requirement.  Does the company offer a mobile version of its platform?  Most of them do, but if you are planning on trading on the move then you will want to make sure a mobile app is an option.



Spreadco Review

Spreadco is a relatively newly established business that is based in North West London.  Although it isn’t based in the City like many of the top spread betting firms are, they are Financial Services Act regulated and as professional as the biggest players in the market.  We will now look at some of the most important factors that make Spreadco as good as it is.  This Spreadco review will discuss a whole host of topics.

Spreads.  This is where the company really excels as their margins are extremely tight and start at just 0.8%.   Traders can save vast sums of money by investing with Spreadco rather than sticking to their usual spread trading service.

The Platform.  If you are looking for a speedy and efficient platform then you will be very happy with Spread co’s Jupiter platform that has been in development for a while now.  It is one of the most user friendly spread betting platforms around and is preferred by many to the likes of IG Index, Intertrader and so forth.

Promotions.  At the present time, Spreadco are not offering any new client sign up offers.  They seem to be doing pretty well without them due to the quality of the service they offer.

Customer Services/trading desk.  As we mentioned in a previous article, Spreadco offers excellent telephone support that is accessible during trading hours.  If ever you have a problem with your account or if you need a hand placing a trade, just give them a quick call and they will be happy to help.

To summarise, Spreadco has quickly grown into a highly competitive spread betting service that offers among other things: tight spreads, an excellent trading platform and unrivalled customer services.  Unfortunately they don’t give any freebies to new clients like many of the other firms do but if you are looking to bet long term, this will easily be compensated for by the massively tight spreads.  Thanks for reading this Spreadco review – we hope it is useful for you.


Tradefair review

Tradefair is the spread betting cousin of the extraordinarily popular Betfair.  It offers spread betting service on all the key markets like shares, commodities, guilts, bonds and pretty much every other financial asset you can think of.  It is a pretty new operation having only been started two years ago but although it is a baby in comparison to IG Index et al, it still packs a pretty heavy punch.  Tradefair  has been written to provide prospects with more information about the company.

Tradefair Review is operated from out of London, UK and is based in the financial hub of the capital.  Whenever you contact telephone support, this is where you will be calling to.  They do also provide live chat services on their website – perhaps a better alternative if you are calling from an overseas country.

So how does the company compare to some its more established counterparts?  Well first of all it offers a bonus for all new clients that join with it.  This is given to you as cash (£100) once you have opened an account, deposited and traded.  In addition it sends you its ‘little black book’ that contains a heap of useful information on the topic of spread betting.

Spread-wise it is not as good as many of the other top companies out there but it does make up for it by giving you a world-class trading platform.  You would expect its platform to be good though considering Betfair has got so much experience in the designing of systems and websites.

If you like a freebie then we would highly recommend you check out the company today.  You have nothing to lose by doing so and get £100 cash back anyway.  If you enjoyed this Tradefair review then please feel free to like the page as it will help spread the word of one of the world’s top spread betting platforms!