On 31st March 2006, Northumbria University hosted
a half-day colloquium at The Sage Gateshead on issues around designing services. Podcasts and Powerpoints from many of the sessions can be downloaded below.

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    • Service Innovation through Design Thinking
      Professor Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO US 
      Inaugural Lecture as visiting professor to Northumbria University, discussing the work of IDEO internationally in creating innovation in businesses and services


    • Signposts for the Next Decade (Request by email)
      Dr. Andrea Cooper, Head of Design Knowledge, Design Council
      Design’s role in addressing global issues in the next ten years
      > Presentation slides (PDF, 1.2Mb)


    • Live|Work – Pioneering Service Design 
      Chris Downs, Partner, Live|Work
      We are what we use – not what we own


    • Objects of Service – From Subjects to Objects
      and Back Again

      Prof. Steven Kyffin, Global Head of Design Research, Philips Design
      How can design help to creatively understand people, create value across the full business development process and create poignancy to our technological trajectories 
      > Presentation synopsis 
      (Word document, 32Kb)


    • Designing Design in a Complex World 
      Dr. Bob Young, Associate Dean for Research & Consultancy,
      School of Design, Northumbria University

      The evolution of service and systems design thinking in academia 
      > Presentation slides 
      (Powerpoint, 11.8Mb)


    • Better Services Happier Customers, Oliver King
      Case Studies from the work of The Engine Group 
      > Presentation slides 
      (PDF, 1.1Mb)


    • Redesigning Public Services, Jennie Winhall
      Case Studies from the work of RED at the Design Council


  • Designers! Who Do You Think You Are?
    Kamil Michlewski

    Inside the design cultures of Ideo, Wolff Olins, Philips & Nissan 
    > Presentation slides 
    (Powerpoint, 280Kb)

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